Qualithoughts by: Bryan Danta, Q2 HR Solutions Marketing Manager


Marshall McLuhan kind of knew about this way back in 1962, when he developed the concept of “The Global Village”. In some ways the “Sci-fi” before becomes a reality now. Which one of you remembers the feeling of excitement when you first got a “fax message” or a message from your “beeper”. I’m sure most of you won’t admit that sometimes we feel obsolete. The “Revolutionary” we called before isn’t as revolutionary now.

So what’s my point? First, I don’t want to make you feel bad about your age. I’m here to tell you that we might want to understand what’s going on now.

 When we first introduced Television in the early days, we saw an increase in hiring of “Advertising Men”. When the Internet was introduced, we developed companies employing web developers and SEO specialists. With the rise of Social Media, we now hire “Social Media Marketers”. Social Media Marketers?! Ten years ago we didn’t even had Facebook and we were doing fine! But I guess we all have to face it…

The jobs our grandchildren will have are not yet being thought of now. It all boils down in to one simple formula, Change in the way we communicate = Change in Marketing = Change in Jobs and Specializations.

With the change in Job & Specialization, we should also look at how we do hiring and one of the most important traits we look for when we hire people in the marketing field is Creativity. Creativity sparks the brightest ideas companies need to propel their products and services. But how do we gauge creativity?

In Oxford University, they conduct the “one-word exam” to identify creative people. In this exam, the students are given a piece of paper indicating a single word. The word may be “innocence” or “miracles” but the main idea is for them to craft an essay in three hours inspired by that single word. This challenge provides an opportunity to leverage what people know and stretch their imaginations.

Similarly, Google injects the search for creativity when they hire for people. They ask questions like “How many golf balls would fit in school bus?” or “Imagine that you are shrunk to the height of a coin and are thrown into an empty glass blender, what would you do if the blades will start moving in sixty seconds?” These questions are designed to identify individuals who can solve problems that do not have one correct answer. This requires creativity.

Twitter on the other hand, does it a bit differently, they believe in the idea of “cross-pollination”. They make an effort to hire not just people who fit their requirements but also people who have unusual skills such as Rubik’s cube champions, eating contest winners & jugglers. They believe that diversity of thinking influence a lot in the development of their products.

Hiring is Important and so is Retaining. Creative people thrive in conducive environments. You might want to take into consideration that Creative People are fueled by self-expression. One of the most important motivator is the ability to release their talent and individuality.

Here is a snapshot provided by one of our partners on how the marketing job market looks like. According to the data, the most in demand roles today are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization Analyst
  • Jr. Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Online Analytics Specialist
  • Market Intelligence & Research Supervisor
  • Marketing Specialist – Promotions and Events
  • Sr. Markets Officer (Brokerage, CLO, Post Trade, Control)

Looking at the data, we can see that a lot of the roles can be identified as new and technology-driven. Positions like SEO and Online Analytics Specialist leverage on the power of the Internet. Who would have thought ten years ago that these positions would even exist?

So what’s in store for us in the future? Better yet, what are the roles we see that will become a trend in the near future?

We have identified roles that will likely to be a fast growing trend here in the country. These are actual existing job vacancies our clients are now filling in with us.

1. Digital Transformation Lead

They are responsible for analyzing online traffic in the company’s websites to get consumer pulse. Their role is to decrease the number of phone inquiries from consumers by capturing data and other in-demand information to be included in the websites.

2. Data Scientist

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article saying that the Data Scientist is the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.

They are responsible for designing and implementing processes and layouts for complex, large-scale data sets used for modeling, data mining and research purposes. To put it simply these are the guys responsible for collecting relevant data from various sources such as social media, surveys, observation data and news to make it useful for the business.

These roles may sound to “sci-fi” for us now but we feel that these roles will be very critical for businesses in the near future.

I would like to challenge the notion that we are soon to be obsolete

Yes, the future is coming in very fast, too fast to the point that some of us are caught blindsided. But this is reality and it’s just a matter of being ready to take the leap.

And yes, marketers like us will soon be obsolete… but only if we allow ourselves