Qualithoughts by: Jeff de la Paz, Q2 HR Solutions, Former Recruiter

Recruitment has been present in both private and public sectors across the globe. It is an industry that profits by helping people land the perfect jobs based on their skill sets, functional discipline, and other qualifications.

Fact is recruitment is not an exact science. There are various recruitment strategies that organizations implement and train their employees on. It follows that different recruiters have different approaches as to how they do their searches. In this modern day and age, recruitment is also subject to the ever changing dynamics of people, talents, and even technologies.

So how do you know exactly, if your approach is effective or if your massive numbers of placements are because of the systematic way of how you do things or because of pure luck?

Greg Savage (2009), one of the leaders in global recruitment, came up with a simple formula as to how recruitment can translate to successful placements. Hence, recruitment success.

“Recruitment Success = Activity x Quality x Target Market”

There are 3 important points to note here:

Are you doing lots of activities?
The key to recruitment is not to stop. The search to expand your pool of candidates is a tedious process. Your chances for placements are highly dependent on the number of candidates that you endorse to clients and so it is crucial that the efforts you put in are directed towards volume and speed.

Are those activities of high quality?
Recruitment is a job that is made up of multiple people to people interactions. It is essential that, when you do your job, you use best practices to deliver service of the highest quality. Best practices and high quality across all levels of the process.

From shortlisting and identifying your candidates, the way you call, the way that you interview, the way you negotiate for the benefit of both the candidate and the employer, and the list could go on and on.

Is it directed to the right people?
Once candidates are available through your healthy network, it is also of grave importance to check your shortlisted candidates if they are the best out of the job seekers. More than the technical skills and qualifications, candidates must also be equipped with the character and the attitude to succeed in their respective fields or job matches. Simply put, Quality always tromps Quantity.

The floor is yours.

Savage (2009) is convinced that this formula is a sure shot way towards recruitment success, Nonetheless, like any other profession, is dynamic. Hence, it evolves so recruiters must also learn to adapt and adjust depending on the call of the global job market.