Qualithoughts by: Camille Agustin, Contributor

Headhunting isn’t what a lot of people think its cut out to be. It’s popularly known as a profession that includes the areas of sourcing and marketing, and although this may be true, there needs to be a deeper knowledge of this field of work if a person wants to become a successful headhunter. Every business needs efficient and proactive headhunters to look for viable candidates to fill-in positions in their company. Without these individuals, a business would have a hard time searching for the right candidates for the job. But if you’re seeking a career in this field, you might have asked yourself, what is the process of sourcing candidates? How important are these steps in contributing to the welfare of a company?


The first area of importance is searching for a viable candidate. Seasoned headhunters are aware that when it comes to selecting candidates, they should be able to have various job postings to promote their company and to get more people to find out about their openings. A headhunter must be aware of different platforms as to where they can gain the most visibility so that they can come into contact with more people who may be interested with their company.


The second area is somewhat similar to the first one as this will also include looking for the right candidates. However, this is where a headhunter’s connection of people comes in. He/she would think of a person that he/she already knows that would be an exact fit for the position that they are trying to fill. This could also refer to calling past candidates, referrals, and searching professionals over different websites to invite them for an interview. It is important for a headhunter to have an abundant list of contacts should the company need them for future ventures.


Once a headhunter finds a healthy number of individuals that they can interview for a position, this is the time where they will be sent off to their company to be evaluated and assessed. At this stage, a headhunter has already discussed pertinent details with the candidate such as: where the interview will take place, at what time they need to arrive, and additional landmarks and instructions on how to get to the location.


This is the most crucial part of headhunting as this will determine whether or not the candidate will agree to work with the company or not. At this point, the headhunter should be able to explain the job description and responsibilities to the candidate. On top of that, they also have to agree on a certain level of amount that they are willing to pay to the candidate based on their experience, also adding this to their possible benefits. It is important for the headhunter to execute impressive communication and mediation skills so that both parties can come to an agreement.

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