Qualithoughts by: Peter Burton, SparQ
Originally posted at SparQtours.com

Many associate the business process outsourcing (BPO) with large call centers in the Philippines and India dealing with customer service requests from western companies. Well, that is a large chunk of the industry, but BPO’s have become highly sophisticated and diverse in their service offerings as more companies look to take advantage of the many benefits that are available.

In the Philippines, we have seen a dramatic rise in the capabilities of BPO companies that break the notions that the country can only handle basic business processes, such as customer service or accounting. BPO’s now employ upwards of 1 million people and the industry is slated to earn more than $25 billion this year alone.

This, is in combination with the booming ‘creative’ (CPO) and ‘knowledge’ (KPO) process outsourcing industries in the Philippines, has put the country on the map as the most attractive destination to outsource and offshore.

CPO providers can carry out the creative side of your company’s functions, such as content development, web & app development, graphic design and social media management. This type of service is particularly useful for SMEs, whose management often find themselves having to spend significant time and money on managing these activities.

The recent success of the local KPO industry is perhaps what surprises most people in terms of capabilities. The Philippines has no shortage of highly-educated (masters and PhD) students who, for example, find themselves working as architectural draftsmen for projects in Australia from their desk in Manila. The local KPO’s draw on highly skilled local professionals that can often be in short supply in other markets.

No matter what your requirement is, it’s likely that it can be outsourced to the Philippines and be handled to the highest standard. The Philippines is lauded is for its fluent English-speaking with some of the most competitive wages in Asia. The population of 101 million are young (median age of 23.5 years old), highly educated, creative and famously hard-working.