Qualithoughts by: Ross McLeod, Q2 HR Solutions, Contributor

At some point all businesses need to ask the question: Do we want to expand and/or develop? And at some point in time for every company the answer is going to be, yes.

All businesses need to, at some point, expand and/or develop. This is not to say that every business needs to expand or develop dramatically; but if there is no conscious effort made to continuously work towards being better, then an organisation is likely to stagnate. If a business stagnates, it is likely to fail. Have you ever heard that sharks die when they stop swimming forward? Regardless of the truth of the statement, it is the same principal.

No matter whether your business is big or small however, this “swimming” doesn’t have to be very strenuous. In fact the best way for you to go about this task may also be the easiest.

Simply put, Organic Growth is defined as “The growth rate that a company can achieve by increasing output and enhancing sales”. What this means is that you can grow your business using its already existing infrastructure more effectively, especially staff.

This is because human resources are the most important resources of an organisation.

So, look at Organic Growth as a means to engage the people who work in your organisation as engaging your people more effectively is the first step in cultivating growth for your business. Once you have done so there are some interesting side effects.

First is that by using the central concept of Organic Growth you promote Organisational Development in the process. This is because any of the possible actions that are done in an effort to grow the company organically will automatically develop the company.

Secondly, your organic growth strategies could also help create a culture of employee retention. The Organic Growth strategies would likely cause an increased amount of engagement in employees and higher value for their work. In addition, the development of the organisation would lead to a more amiable work environment. With higher value for their work and a comfortable atmosphere with which to operate, employees are much more likely to want to stay with a business.


What could Organic Growth do to benefit your business? And at what point do you think the benefits of Organic Growth end?

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