Qualithoughts by: Bryan Danta, Marketing Manager, Q2 HR Solutions

I’ve seen businesses succeed and fail. The biggest difference between them is how they used momentum to their advantage.

Most successes come from a trail of small wins and quick resolutions to hurdles. The key is to never stop. Because when you do, you fall in to this deep trap of complacency and procrastination. One way or another, we’ve all experienced choosing to stop and for a good reason – we’re human. We get tired, we get frustrated. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s important here to note though is that it’s much more difficult to get back on track when we’ve chosen to sit back and wait. While it is wise to analyze, we need to make sure that we don’t spend too much time thinking, when the best thing to do is acting.

While it might sound a bit to “Gung-ho”, more often than not we find ourselves aligning to the right path if we adapt to changes quickly and apply things we’ve learned along the way. While everybody else is busy writing their business plans and justifications for their grand strategy, you’re out there marketing –  applying your hypothesis and adjusting your moves based on insights and real market reactions.

Once you’re out there moving and traversing challenges and hurdles, you pick up speed, your gain momentum. And for your momentum not to die out, you fuel it even more by being fast, adaptive and most important of all being infinitely passionate.