Qualithoughts by: Wi Arias, Talent Acquisition Lead, Q2 HR Solutions

Logistics engineering is one of the most customer-centered industries in the world. Such companies that would need logistic engineers are distribution companies such as Amazon, Lazada, E-Bay and so much more. The role of a logistic engineer is to continuously improve or maintain the supply chain whilst keeping the customers happy. Big companies such as Amazon has weighed in on their shipping options and have upgraded to premium shipping, therefore cutting the time that a customer has to wait before they receive a certain product.

As a recruiter, you are responsible in looking for an individual who is multi-faceted in nature. He/she has to be able to come up of different ways to increase the sales of the company whilst making customer-centered innovations to distinguish your business from everyone else. The logistics engineer handles raw to distributed goods so he has to also be very keen to details. A recommendation is also helpful in this situation as you will look for a specific set of skills in an individual’s curriculum vitae for them to be able to be hired for the position. It’s vital that you find an individual who’s also good at handling a team. To keep the business up and running, the engineer would have to work with various departments to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained and even improved. You would also want to hire someone who’s very inventive and has spot-on critical thinking abilities. Of course, there would be more than just quality that makes a product. According to recent trends, the cost of the product has also become as significant as that of the quality. If your business continuous to maintain its quality while saving up on the cost of productivity, then you have hired an established logistic engineer.

It doesn’t hold well for your company to hire someone who is not as diligent into working on details as you would want them to be. If your business highly relies on your customer’s feedback and concern, you would have to understand that the crucial part of the recruitment process is the interview. How will you be able to gauge their inner characteristics that would be helpful for the job? Keep in mind that certain individuals have their own approach in things, but if they aren’t willing to cope with change or aren’t open to other’s opinions, then they are also not open for growth. And by the standards of today’s world, if you can’t cope with the changes of your environment, your company might fall short on productivity. This is what happened to certain technological industries, their unwillingness to change moved them to close the business. Make a positive attribution to the businesses’ success by being selective and precise when it comes to hiring the right logistics engineer.

Wi Arias, the Talent Acquisition Lead for Operations, Logistics and Engineering at Q2 HR Solutions, draws on more than 15 years of solid experience in end-to-end recruitment, client relations and account management to help your organisation identify the right candidate. A highly motivated individual, her fierce determination magnifies her talent acquisition knowledge and skills to not only source the right aspirant for the job but also change the lives of the professionals she endorses.

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