Qualithoughts by: Dave Espuerta, Talent Acquisition Lead, Q2 HR Solutions

The IT industry is ever-changing, and the demand for IT professionals have been increasing year after year. As companies seek to enter the digital age, they would also have to rely on individuals who are willing to make an impact and become an important factor in positively moving towards innovation. The challenge that comes with recruitment nowadays is being able to study and analyse a candidate’s profile.

A recruiter should be well aware that there are different sectors under the IT industry. Although determination and perseverance are two of the most important traits to show when it comes to a job interview, you as a recruiter will have to gauge whether or not this individual has the certain capability that it takes to help your company move forward. Technology has become so flexible so your candidate should also be innovative and observant. By being able to observe common practices in the office, they then will be able to suggest and come up with certain ways on how to improve the company’s processes and make things easier for both employees and future candidates.

An online company database would greatly help all employees have access to certain files and edit them for future uses. If you’re running a recruitment firm, you would understand how important this process is. During these times, companies have stepped up and have been utilising candidate database to track past and present statuses of their candidates. This is one of the innovations that can only be brought about by the IT industry. Making things easier for your company to have access to certain files can help work be done quicker and more efficiently. It’s going to be more than just another technological innovation; it’s also going to be a trademark in your company and will then improve your overall process. Going paperless is one great leap for a company as this will not only help the environment but would also promote less clutter inside of the office.

IT professionals can be rock stars no matter what company they choose to stay in. They are not only needed for troubleshooting and software maintenance but they are also innovators and their ideas could then contribute to the success of their company. With the right experience and training, these individuals would make it easier for your business to move forward towards a common goal.

Dave Espuerta is a recruiter and a leader by heart! Fascinated with mobile, social, web and I.T. companies, he has worked with some of the best start-ups, SMB & Fortune 500 companies in the USA and in the Philippines. Dave is experienced in full life-cycle in recruiting; sourcing hard-to-find passive candidates; cold calling; salary negotiations; closing candidates; being a spirited brand ambassador for the company with which he works; effectively partnering with hiring managers; and favorably managing clients. Among his many skills, he has the ear to hear and understand the needs of both his clients as well as his candidates.

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