Qualithoughts by: Nichole Abueg, Sourcing Associate, Q2 HR Solutions

“For the Millennials, life is not all about work that’s why it is important to find a job that may fit ones interest and personality to have a sense of fulfillment that this generation can be proud of.”

“What job do I want? What work can give me a good career growth? What field of career will make me feel happy and satisfied?” these may be the questions that the Millennials or Generation Y have in mind. Millennials or Generation Y or also known as “echo boomers”; ages 21 to 35 years old. This is the generation with greater access in technology and internet so which may prove that these individuals are considered as “tech savvies” (businessman, 2016). So when it comes to choosing a career, it may make sense that it is in the field of computer and technology where companies invest in.

There may be lots of option when it comes to selecting the perfect field of work. But what are the most in demand jobs? According to CNN Philippines, computer and IT specialists are the most ‘In’ jobs for the Generation Y. Not only it is the in demand work but it is also the highest paying job. The Millennial may find this job interesting since the common personalities of these individuals involves using the internet (e.g. social media, online articles, youtube, etc.) But there are also other fields that jobseekers may consider, these are Law, Accounting, Financial Services, Banking, Customer Service, Training and Development, Public Relations, Arts and Marketing or Business field.

No matter what kind of job one chooses, for as long as one is willing to learn and grow in an industry then one won’t have a problem advancing in their own careers. For the Millennials, life is not all about work that’s why it is important to find a job that my fit ones interest and personality to have sense of fulfillment that these generation can be proud of. The never ending search for one’s dream opportunity can be reached through your fingertips.