Conciseness is your professional responsibility. Too often, speakers lose their audience because they fail to get to the point quickly enough. Ten years ago, brevity was appreciated but optional. Today, it is a survival tactic all leaders must adopt and master.

Getting to the point in today’s world of added content and lowered attention could not be more important.
Consider this:

  • The average attention span for most people is around 8 seconds
  • People stop reading an email after 30 seconds
  • We check our phones an average every 6 minutes

The key to an individual’s success is the ‘quick conversation’ that compels another person to action. Being able to present and project with confidence and impact to win respect, inspire people and cultivate cooperation. Organizations need and want leaders who can ‘Get to the Point’.

Mary Rezek, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant of Saatori, a bespoke consultancy, shares her thoughts on why we should learn how to ‘Get to the Point.’