Qualithoughts by: Bryan Danta- marketing & HR Synergist, Q2 HR Solutions

“While marketing gets the glory and finance pays the bills, it’s HR that quietly moves the organization forward.” In a feature titled Why HR is the Most Important Job in the Company, Raj Sheth CEO of RecruiterBox explains the growing importance of having a proper HR strategy in today’s business world.

As a result of neglecting HR, Sheth explains, businesses end up with talent and a company culture that make it much harder for companies to reach their goals.

As the business world enters the Knowledge Economy and technological advances are readily available to benefit most industries- HR is increasingly popping up on many CEO’s and business owner’s radars.

There is Business Strategy, then there’s People Strategy. HR covers both.

While executives lay out the plan, execution and company performance happens with people. A strong HR strategy ensures that a company has 1) the right people they need to succeed depending on their business model and 2) the culture of productivity and motivation required for businesses to reach it’s targets year after year.

“Too many business leaders don’t spend enough time recruiting, retaining and properly motivating top talent,” says Carol Anderson of TLNT. Such failure often stunt corporate growth, and a proper HR strategy takes care of

Improving the Bottom Line

The best way to ensure that next quarter’s goals are met is through organizational efficiency. Organizational efficiency, however, requires the proper “people systems” in place to constantly drive the company’s vision forward.

A top-tier HR process takes into account the individual and macro-corporation metrics required to recruit the right people and create the proper organizational systems. This is ultimately the growing value of HR. In the competitive business world, HR is becoming the most important job in a competitive industry because it allows for companies to shift, improve and grow with fluid efficiency.

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