Leadership development is a critical aspect of all organizations and often one that is most overlooked. Ten years ago, most companies engaged a coach to help fix toxic behavior at the top. Today, most coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers.

In today’s demanding business environment (cost pressures leading to flatter organizations, executive managers with more direct reports, “speed to market” as a competitive advantage with time pressure, etc.) seasoned leaders have limited opportunity to devote time and energy to their own development as leaders.

“Most leaders struggle to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions and are too busy and too stressed to step back and learn from their experiences or to implement changes to satisfy best management practices.”(Michael Brenner, “Executive Coaching for Managerial Excellence”, ArthurHouse, 2007).

The reasons for choosing coaching go beyond the need to correct or resolve problem behaviors or poor performance issues. Executive coaching is often chosen to develop executive-level skills which impact the entire organization by helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be.

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