Qualithoughts by: Arlet Villanueva, Q2 HR Solutions, Business Development Executive

There is no personal life or professional life. There is just life.

With the boom of businesses and professionals that offer the same services as yours, it’s no wonder that your consumers’ decision making processes are evolving. Your services alone don’t matter anymore. This is not to undermine the importance of the quality of your product or service, but to stress that service or product alone won’t get you too far.

Consumers are no longer just consumers. You have to treat them as your friends. And more importantly, they have to treat you as their friends. You can’t afford to be just another network in their professional or personal life. You have to find a way to be welcomed in their lives.

On Being Friends with Your Stakeholders

No matter what profession you are in (sales officers, HR practitioners, project managers, accounts executives, etc.,) friendship would always try to move things forward.

There are clients who would need your company’s products and services but may not feel cared for, and therefore not pursue any partnership with you or your organization. There are applicants who are well qualified for and enthusiastic about the job but would not push their application because they don’t feel your sincerity in honing their careers. There are subordinates who would not follow correct instructions because they don’t trust your judgments.

Your stakeholders are constantly drowned with choices and for you to even be considered, you have to prove to them that you care. Because you will only matter once they believe that they matter to you. They have to feel that you are a partner and an advisor.

Issues on complying with SOPs would easily be resolved. Administrative concerns would seem trivial. Most importantly, repeat business can be guaranteed, and word of mouth will be positive. After all, what’s a little favor for a friend?

This is why the next time you meet with your stakeholder, you must venture beyond the handshake, and aim for their friendship instead.