Qualithoughts by: Erika Ocfemia, Sourcing Specialist, Q2 HR Solutions

The Philippine economy grew by nearly 7 % in the first quarter this year, making it the fastest growing among 11 Asian countries during the period, faster than China’s 6.7 % and Vietnam’s 5.7 % . Long before this news appeared several start-up companies were already trying their business here in the Philippines.

Ideally, Branding should be the first focus of any start-up company – in part to establish the name but more importantly, to strengthen the name of the company in peoples minds.  Invariably, budget is often a fundamental issue for start-ups, however there are alternative and creative ways to fashion a brand without spending too much money on it. It is essential for the company to concentrate on creating that ‘buzz’ before jumping into developing strategies to find that perfect candidate to fill their vacancies.

Even though it might be a challenge to swiftly build a recognizable image and reputation for a company, with the help of the network or personal connection, it is possible to hit two birds with one stone. Thoughtful involvement in various associations is guaranteed to expand your network of contacts thus smoothing the way to gather potential partners or candidates in the future. Actively engaging in social networking could not only help in getting external referrals but also prove to be a source of quality recommendations from within the network.

In addition to the external referrals, it would also be wise to invest in internal programs, such as an Employee Referral scheme, whereby both the company and the employee will benefit from it. Employees will be motivated to gather qualified leads and at the same time they will feel appreciated once they refer someone who might be a good fit in the company.

Since many start-up companies have a limited budget when it comes to recruiting, this might be a hindrance in sourcing the right candidates for a specific role. Often the best candidate is not always available in the market. This is where strategizing is needed – to widen the possibility of getting qualified candidates in a timely and efficient manner.  Research is the main key in efficient strategizing. By knowing who the target candidates are, you will have a better idea on where to find them. From this position of strength, you can come up with ways on how to both attract passive individuals and to stimulate interest in what you’re selling… your company!

Once you have found the right candidate, you must know how to sell your company. You must know your company! Your answer to a candidate’s question like “How secure would I be in this position” or “Is the company stable enough for me to accept this offer?” could make all the difference in ensuring your preferred candidate accepts the job.

Lastly, underpinning life in the Philippines are cultural values of social propriety, camaraderie, modesty, and gratitude. In their most noble form, these values bind Philippine society together. In the workplace, however, they can provide complex challenges, particularly for foreign employers.

Therefore be aware that, as well as the benefits that the candidate will probably have been eyeing based on the interview, the candidate’s consideration of the cultural aspects will be intrinsic when it comes to working with you and/or your company.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericaswallow/2012/04/16/startup-job-recruiting/#32b5df1263b2