Qualithoughts by: Bryan Danta, Marketing Manager, Q2 HR Solutions

All marketing campaigns run on people. Regardless if it’s an automated email marketing campaign or something that comes out from a vending machine – someone obviously thought of it; someone wrote it.

It is therefore an imperative for companies to consider people first before product, price, place & promotion.
Take a moment to consider your last successful marketing campaign. Chances are that the machinery behind that campaign was a genius, or a team of passionate individuals who did nothing but make sure the campaign objectives were met.

Success comes from engaged and empowered people. This may seem like the HR department’s responsibility, but the truth is – it is everyone’s responsibility.

No, you don’t need to learn HR to do this. Let’s leave the people metrics and the science behind employee to HR, what we need to do at the very least is to understand how our people tick – and this shouldn’t be difficult to us marketers. After all, we’re trained to understand people, specifically our customers. All we need to do is to shift our focus first to our people. Do they have sufficient resources? Do they have clear directions? Are they engaged enough to do remarkable things? More importantly, do they feel empowered and trusted?

The sad reality is that, these questions are what most marketers tend to forget to ask themselves before running campaigns. We tend to rely on HR to think about these things. We’re too much focused on the end goal of delivering the “amazing” to our customers, that we forget that amazing begets amazing.