Qualithoughts by: Dave Espuerta, Talent Acquisition Lead, Q2 HR Solutions

Considered as one of the best in the global scale to date, the IT and the Business Process Management industry of the Philippines is continuously growing and boosting the country’s economy. Companies have been hiring, and as a result, the demand for IT professionals is increasing and has exceeded that of supply.

Attracting and retaining top talents remain to be a challenge for HR and it seems like the standard recruiting process is no longer as effective. To attract and retain the top skilled candidates, recruitment has to evolve and has to be off the beaten path. Here are this year’s top trends for the IT industry:

A more personal approach for recruitment. The best sources of quality hires or candidates are social networks for business professionals and referral programs. Apart from engaging with potential talents online, IT recruitment experts also advise employers to ramp up their organization’s image on various social-media platforms.

Develop a compelling employer brand. HR and Marketing collaborates in developing a stronger corporate culture, mission and employer brand. This is to attract the right talent and create a more engaging experience for their current workforce.

HR focusing more on teamwork. A switch of focus from individual to teams – closely nurture teams within the organisation and gather strategies to help them work together and collaborate.

Create positive employee experience to attract and retain talent. Maintain employee well-being and a high degree of satisfaction by promoting a pleasant physical working environment and providing tools that enhances productivity. Work/life balance fosters a sustainable workforce.

A culture of mentorship and a well-defined program for growth and promotion. By investing in creating an environment that empowers employee development, they feel valued and will cultivate committed staff.

Performance Consulting Programs. A lot, if not, all employees want to improve. Coaching, suggestions and feedback are vital in performance development and improvement.

Biggest challenge for recruiters is understanding how to capture the right audience or talent and HR, to retain the top skilled ones. Plan your next hiring and retention strategies correspondingly, now that the top HR trends for the IT industry is out there. It may be more tedious than the old or standard way, but it still beats fixing a bad hire

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Dave Espuerta is a recruiter and a leader by heart! Fascinated with mobile, social, web and I.T. companies, he has worked with some of the best start-ups, SMB & Fortune 500 companies in the USA and in the Philippines. Dave is experienced in full life-cycle in recruiting; sourcing hard-to-find passive candidates; cold calling; salary negotiations; closing candidates; being a spirited brand ambassador for the company with which he works; effectively partnering with hiring managers; and favorably managing clients. Among his many skills, he has the ear to hear and understand the needs of both his clients as well as his candidates.

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