Operations, Engineering & Logistics Recruitment Trends

Operations, logistics, and engineering are three different facets that equally contribute to an organisation’s success. Each works as an individual unit, but all are woven together to ensure that the company has a smoothly running performance.

Human resource department and search firms look at different set of skills when searching for potential candidates for each of these units. However, one recruitment trend found across all three is for a candidate to have effective communication skills.

According to Recreation Management, it is important for an employee in operations to have effective communication because knowing how to connect with different types of people in all levels ensures an effective working environment. Effective communication entails getting the right message across staff, superiors, and customers, which is a challenge to fulfill every day on the job.

The same applies with individuals working logistics. According to Chron, the importance of effective communication rises when forming relationships with vendors, suppliers, and other employees.

Effective communication allows employees in logistics to form confidence in conversation, which leads to a successful coordination between parties in completing transactions.

One of the challenges faced in the logistics industry is keeping patient despite the stressful and high-pressure working environment caused by the fast-paced transactions and unexpected mishaps, such as attending to an issue that broke on off-hours. But communicating effectively with those surrounding this stressful environment will put things back on track in no time.

When it comes to recruitment of potential candidates in engineering, effective communication is slightly different. Employees in engineering must be able to communicate effectively in multiple modes, which entail technical, non-technical, written, verbal, online, and personal conversations.

According to Edna Grover-Bisker, of Missouri University of Science and Technology, “Gone are the days of sitting at a cubicle, and minding your own business. This is the digital age, and communication skills reign supreme.”

Effective communication in engineering influences the success of brainstorming, project meetings, product design, and problem solving. These activities put employees with clients and co-workers from different facets of the industry, and being able to communicate ideas clearly is highly essential.






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